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 Quality Assurance 

ITC Spices' Quality Philosophy is premised on delivering value to customer, which starts from procuring Quality @ Source and Quality Mapping across various stages of value chain.

The quality assurance process is actualized by a three layer modular approach encompassing the following:

  • Procurement, handling and storage The standard operating procedures with defined critical control points are monitored 
  • Processing - As per HACCP and GMP norms.
  • Central quality evaluation laboratory

ITC Spices' emphasis on hygiene and quality control is reflected in ts state-of-the-art laboratory which is equipped with the best 'Quality Control' facilities.

  •  Equipped to analyze Physical, Chemical, Microbiological, Aflatoxin and Pesticide Residue Levels
  • Class 100 microbiological facility
  • Supported with an array of modern analytical instruments comprising HPLCs, GCs, Spectrophotometers, Colorflex, Bio-Safety cabins, etc.
  • Accredited test protocols as per ASTA, AOAC, BIS norms to meet national and international standards
  • Periodic cross validation with global laboratories such as Central Science Laboratory (UK)
  • Manned by highly qualified and experienced professionals.