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ITC Spices takes utmost care at delivering the Best Quality Indian Spices adhering to various quality norms of ASTA, ESA, PFA and Agmark as per the requirement of the customers. The Supply Chain is modified to straddle the entire width of the value chain of production and processing to ensure its customers have the choice of different grades of spices on the basis of Active Ingredients and not just physical cleanliness.

  • Active Ingredient:
    • Chilli: Custom made blends catering to specific heat (Measured in Scoville Heat Units) and colour (Measured in ASTA Units) requirements are available.
    • Turmeric: Custom made blends catering to specific Curcumin (0.5% – 8%) and colour requirements are available.
    • Seed Spices: Seed spices with promised level of the Volatile Oil content as well as any other Active Ingredient present is available.
  • Physical Cleanliness: Raw spices are cleaned and processed on clean, hygienic and dry concretized floors. Chillies and Turmeric are hand cleaned while other spices are machine cleaned. Sortex cleaned seed spices is also be made available on request. Raw spices stored under controlled environment conditions to avoid insect and microbial infestation as well as avoid quality deterioration during storage.
  • Microbial cleanliness: The entire supply chain team works towards avoiding any undesirable microbial infestation in the entire supply chain right from the farm-gate to the factory. In the event of requirement of sterilized spices, the products may be ETO or Steam Sterilized (TPC < 104 CFU/g) as per the requirements of the customer.