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ITC Spices team works towards innovation to facilitate availability of improved quality Indian spices to customers. The following classes of specialty products are available under the Spices portfolio:

  • IPM Spices: These spices are grown under controlled and monitored conditions to ensure judicious usage of environmentally safe chemicals along with other cultural methods of pest control to ensure the final product has pesticide residues within limits as per FDA/ESA norms. The complete process is undertaken by the target farmers with due training by our extension workers. The entire process is constantly monitored by our extension team members as well as lead farmers appointed by us in each of the target villages. Under this programme, Chillies and Seed Spices are available.

  • Organic Spices: The increasingly growing concern about a natural, healthy & organic lifestyle has impelled the need for organic ingredients across the globe. Under the programme, the certified organic raw spice is directly sourced from the farm-gate, thus ensuring traceability right up to the fame-gate. The Organic spices are also stored and processed under special conditions to avoid admixture of other non-organic spices. Under the class of organic spices, Chillies, Turmeric, Coriander, Pepper and most of the seed spices are available.
  • Spices From North East: The North Eastern region of India is uniquely endowed perfect agro-climatic conditions which makes it ideally suited for the cultivation of a range of niche spices. ITC's expertise in agri development is being extended to the region though a unique Private - Public Partnership model through a tripartite agreement. The agreement involves ITC Limited, the Spices Board of India and the respective state governments. The ITC Spices team, through this endeavour, has successfully been able to promote the cultivation of some of the niche spices of the region. The following spices from the region are available with ITC Spices:
    • Naga Chillies: Native to Nagaland, the chillies hold the Guinness Record of being the hottest chillies in the world (Heat levels of over 600,000 SHU), significantly higher than Mexican Habaneros.
    • Bird's Eye Chillies: Native to Malawi, these chillies are also grown in India in Mizoram.These chillies are characterized by their extremely small size when mature (2 - 3 cm) and very high pungency.
    • Lakadong Turmeric: Native to the hills of Meghalaya, this variety is characterized by its high Curcumin content and is extensively used in the extraction of Curcumin and manufacture of Turmeric Oleoresin.
  • Aflatoxin Free/Guaranteed Chillies: With ever increasing concern over the toxic effects of fungal residues, our supply chain has evolved innovative methods for reducing the fungal infestation during post harvest processing of chillies. Under the ITC Spices umbrella, Aflatoxin free and Aflatoxin guaranteed (As per ASTA/ESA/PFA norms) Chillies and Chilli products are available.

  • High Curcumin Turmeric: The active ingredient of Turmeric, Curcumin, finds extensive use in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Cosmoceutical and Personal Care industry, besides oleoresin manufacturing industry. With its widely spread supply chain network and associations with NGOs and Village Organizations, ITC Spices is successfully able to source High Curcumin Turmeric varieties from North Eastern states and other regions of India for supply to its customers.

  • Steam Sterilized Spices: With augmented concern for food safety across the globe, especially for minor food ingredients, it was imperative on our part to build in systems, processes and infrastructure to cater to the changing requirements. Our state of the art spice processing plant is built with an in line steam sterilizer to ensure our esteemed customers have a choice of steam sterilized spices as well.