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  • ITC Spices maps the ‘spices growing zones’ for distinct quality attributes. This crucial crop information is used for critical agronomic interventions as well as qualitative sourcing. Mapping also targets weather and climate data of potential regions for future expansion of spices in to new areas. Thereby providing customized spices, consistently.
  • ITC Spices also ensures seed purity and promotes the cultivation of identified hybrids to improve customer desired quality attributes and farm productivity.
  • Post-harvest interventions to enhance ‘product integrity’
    • “Poly-house” drying for “Aflatoxin-free” spices. The poly-house drying technology, a key ITC led innovation, is fast gaining popularity for its ease of operation and the enhanced benefits. Apart from addressing product integrity, the poly-house drying ensures better quality in terms of colour and superior grade.

    • Post harvest interventions are aimed at maintaining and improving the quality at the farm-gate, farm level cleaning and processing to avoid multiple handling and training farmers at maintaining hygiene during the process. The Post harvest interventions also aim at evaluating the soil and water quality to  estimate the potential quality variations in spices.
    • ITC Spices also offers assistance to the farming community for post harvest product testing for the evaluation of critical attributes of various spices.

  • Extension services are manned by trained and experienced field staff spanning the major spice growing zones across India. Modern audiovisual techniques are used to educate the farmers and  a collaborative approach with related scientific institutions is adopted.