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ITC Spices believes in the philosophy of “Product++” offerings to cater to the entire bandwidth of requirements of the customers. It provides the following services to meet its customers’ specific requirements:

  • Controlled environment storage systems for augmented shelf life. Products intended to be delivered through staggered shipments are stored under controlled environment conditions to maintain quality standards up to the time of shipment.The facility is available round the year for its customers.

  • ITC Spices facilitates Just – In – Time shipments to adhere to processing plan of  its customers for minimizing storage costs as well as minimizing deterioration in quality during storage.
  • Shipments in customized forms, blends and packing to meet the varying end use requirements.

  • ITC Spices stands with its promise of supply of 'On – Time – In – Full' of the entire contracted quantity irrespective of market price fluctuations under the same terms and conditions as promised in the contract.
  • ITC Spices offers Customized Growing Programmes for various spices to cater to the varying end use requirement  besides offering critical active ingredient promised spices.
  • ITC Spices has dedicatedly built systems and procedures that support continued supply  of Identity Preserved spices, ensuring full traceability right upto the farm gate.
  • ITC Spices offers its customers complete peace mind through a dedicated Value Added Support system which facilitates storage, negotiation of competitive freight rates, scheduling  a wide array  back end services.