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 Steam Sterilization 

ITC Spices' world class Steam Sterilizer is built with a proven German technology based on a combination of vacuum and saturated steam which ensures maximum reduction in microbial load (TPC < 104 CFU/g) while retaining the vital product properties. Following are the unique features of the facility:

  • The batch production system aided by highly equipped process software ensures full traceability.
  • Versatile design Ability to handle multiple Spices and Spice Herbs.
  • Product specific treatment recipe to achieve precise control of the micro organisms.
  • Seamless Temperature Control Minimal loss of Colour and Volatile Oils during the sterilization process.
  • Process area with a Controlled Atmosphere UV lamps, positive airflow, air conditioning and sluice gates.
  • Integrated packing system with Metal Detector.