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Garlic refers to the bulb of a small lily like herbaceous plant Allium sativum grown across the warm parts of the globe. It belongs to the family of Onion, Chives and Leeks (Alliaceae). The bulb is compound with layers of small sub-units referred to as cloves ranging in number from 10 – 20 per bulb, packed side by side around a thin core and encapsulated by a thin parchment like membrane. The size of the bulbs and the cloves vary greatly. The bulbs may range in diameter from 3 – 6 cm. The culinary uses of Garlic are very widespread. It is known for its harsh, penetrating oniony aroma and long lasting sharp acrid flavour.

Garlic in India

The warmer regions in the states of central India like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat are the major producers of Garlic in India. Internationally, it is mostly traded in the whole air dried form. It is also traded in the sliced freeze dried form. India produces around 700000 MT of Garlic per annum of which around 3% – 4% is exported to various countries around the world.

Garlic @ ITC

ITC Spices offers its customers the choice of sourcing the best quality Garlic in the fresh, air dried as well as freeze dried forms.