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Ginger is the Rhizome or underground stem of a small herbaceous Turmeric like plant Zingiber officianle native to India and China. It belongs to the same family as Turmeric. Traditionally, both the Indian and Chinese ethnic medicine systems have been using Ginger since ages exploiting its wide variety of medicinal properties. Fresh ginger rhizome has traditionally been used in the Indian and South Asian ethnic cuisine in the preparation of various curries and pickles, added primarily for its ability to provide a rich sweet aroma and a strong pungent taste. Over the years, dried ginger has found extensive acceptance in the west and is widely used in the West Asia, Europe and America in the preparation of bakery items and pickles.

Internationally, Ginger is mostly traded in the dried form, whole, sliced or powdered. The quality of dried ginger is adjudged primarily by the fibre content and the volatile oil content of the final product.

Ginger in India

Large scale commercial cultivation of Ginger is primarily undertaken in the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and some of the North Eastern states. India produces a large number of varieties of Ginger with varying fibre and volatile oil content. Kerala is known to produce one of the most popular varieties of White Ginger, commonly known as Kurkumbadi which is one of the largest exported varieties. North Eastern states, primarily Assam, Nagaland and Manipur, produce the maximum ginger in the country. The agro climatic conditions in these states make them ideally suitable for the cultivation, especially organic form. India is one of the major producers of Ginger in the world and produces over 600000 MT of Ginger of which just around 2% – 3% is exported to various parts of the world.

Ginger @ ITC

ITC Spices, with its widespread presence in the strategic producing zone in North East and Kerala, is fully able to supply the entire bandwidth of variants, ranging from high to low fibre content and varying volatile oil levels.
The following form variants are available under the Spices flagship:

  • Whole dried ginger
  • Sliced dried ginger
  • Powdered dried ginger