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Fennel refers to the seeds of a small Coriander like bushy plant Foeniculum vulgare belonging to the same family as Coriander/Cumin. The seeds are 4 – 8 mm long, ridged and curved. The colour of the final dried seed varies from greyish brown to light green. Fennel has its origin in the Mediterranean and has historically been used as a condiment in the seasoning of meat, curries and pickled for its ability to provide the rich sweet aroma and flavour. It is also attributed a number of medicinal properties which include its carminative, diuretic and stimulating properties. It is also quite popularly used as a masticatory, either straight or coated with sugar.


Fennel in India

India is one of the largest producer and exporter of Fennel in the world. The drier regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan are the major producing regions in India. India produces around 60000 MT of Fennel per annum, 90% of which is produced in Gujarat. Of the total production, around 10% – 11% is exported per annum to various countries.


Fennel @ ITC

The quality of Fennel is primarily adjudged by the colour of the dried product and aroma which should preferably be bright green with a strong sweet aroma. Other quality parameters include foreign matter percentage, volatile oil content, etc. ITC Spices has the entire bandwidth of quality variants (with regards to colour) on offer and all the globally traded forms.